Don’t let me down..

Let’s get caught in the moment


I don’t know why you keep blessing me..

His Pain - Kendrick Lamar ft. BJ the Chicago Kid

Done saying, I’m done playing
Last time was on the outro
Stuck in the house, need to get out more
I’ve been stacking up like I’m fundraising

I’m quiet with it, I just ride with it
Moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it

Someone go tell Noel to get the Backwoods
Money got my whole family going backwards

Shit got me feeling pinned down, pick the pen up or put the pen down
Writing to you from a distance like a pen pal, but we’ve been down

I’m an outlaw, with an outlaw chick
Bumpin’ Tupac, I’m on my outlaw shit

Deeper than words, beyond right
Die for your love, beyond life
Sweet as a Jesus piece, beyond ice
Blind me baby with your neon lights

They ain’t see potential in me girl, but you see it
If it’s you and me against the world, then so be it

- Hov


Magna Carta Holy Grail


Last night I saw you in my dreams

now I can’t wait to go to sleep…

RIP sis, your beautiful face and smile reminded me that life ain’t so bad no more

my brother called me yesterday to tell me my nephew failed one of his tests

he told me to tell him what he needs to do to get to college and about the fun i’m having

i ain’t the smartest, but it feels good to be there to set examples. something a lot of first generation college kids didn’t really have.


just a sign

Go right



And you ain’t gotta shed no tear, I’ll be everywhere 

but I’ll be right here - schoolboy Q


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